Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dinner from Sawadee in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I ordered delivery from Sawadee for our first dinner in our new home.  And already we can tell our food life is going to be 200x better since moving.  There are soooo many restaurants of basically any kind of food we'd want that either deliver or are within easy walking distance.  The food also comes super quickly compared to when we were in Harrison and we had faced several places that took nearly TWO hours to arrive.  Sawadee is so reliable and the food is both delicious and well presented, and reasonably priced.  Also came within 35 minutes!
Overview of our meal

Pad See Eow with beef.  Delicious and reheated well

Curry Fried Rice with chicken.  Also super tasty and had great flavor

Vegetable fried dumplings.  Even without meat they were delicious!  And not overly greasy which is often the case with delivery

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