Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dinner from Bon Chon in Jersey City, NJ

Another reason I love living in JC is that we have a Bon Chon in the neighborhood!  It's a bit of a trek walking but they deliver and only took like 40 mins or so to arrive!  It is definitely less good for its non-chicken dishses that the Bon Chon in NYC.  I've only been to the one in midtown but that one is the mecca of all Bon Chons.  The "bibimbap" we ordered was not good and def overpriced.  Instead of seasonal veggies we got salad.  But the chicken was still delicious, so I'll forgive and just order better next time.
Bibimbap or salad?  Your call

Half soy garlic and half spicy.  Best for Dan and my sharing
Jap Chae with beef.  Delicious though a tad greasy

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