Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dinner from Buen Appetito in Jersey City, NJ

Buen Appetito is another place we loved ordering from before when we used to live in JC, but now the food comes so much faster since we are in downtown  The portions were also pretty large so lasts several meals, as was the case here.  The restaurant also had a fire at the old place and they relocated.  I'm happy to say the quality of the food has remained the same.
So much delicious Italian food

Cheesy garlic bread.  Only $3.75 for so much carby goodness

Chicken bruschetta - breaded chicken cutlets with mozzarella and bruschetta mix

Pesto Tortellini - delicious even sans meat

Penne vodka that came with chicken bruschetta.  Their vodka sauce is sooo good

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