Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dinner at City Diner in Jersey City, NJ

This may be controversial, but I think City Diner is the best diner in JC.  One, it's super close to us.  Two, it's not expensive even though it's in downtown/Exchange area.  Three, it's open 24/7!  Unlike Brownstone, ahem.  To be fair,  I have not yet had the pancakes, which I think are not that good at Brownstone, which is named Brownstone Pancake Factory, so you'd think the pancakes would be the best you've had.  Oh also number four, they deliver, though we haven't been that lazy yet.  The menu is more manageable than say Tops.  So far, there are many things I want to try in the future.  So glad it's so close by.
Dan's burger with bacon, egg, and cheese.  Plus sweet potato fries, which were excellent with that chipotle dipping sauce

My turkey burger, which also had lettuce, tomato, guacamole, bacon, and I think cheese.  Plus you can get a side of homemade chips, which I think were even better than the sweet potato fries.  So good.

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