Sunday, December 20, 2015

Brunch from Russ & Daughters in NYC

Dan and I went to Russ & Daughters in the hopes of eating the best lox bagel sandwich ever.  The line was long and place was hectic as we had to take a number.  Were 957 when 916 was on the board.  Fortunately people drop out like flies and we got our order in about 45 minutes later.  We each got bagel sandwiches with cream cheese, lox and different toppings.  The lox itself was great.  But the bagels were hard as rocks!  Seriously some of the worst bagels we've ever had, let alone what you'd expect from an iconic NYC institution like this.  I guess if we ever bother coming here we should come at a more random time and just got the lox sliced and make our own sandwiches with bagels from somewhere else.
Dan got an egg bagel with scallion cream cheese, Scottish lox, and the works (tomato, onion, and capers).  He said the bagel was not very egg-y, hard, and small.  Contents of the sandwich were good though he liked my lox more

My everything bagel with regular cream cheese, Irish lox and tomato.  Probably the best lox I've had and they definitely gave a hearty portion.  The bagel was so bad though.  So hard and very small.  It hurt to chew :(

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