Friday, December 18, 2015

Lunch at Jersey City Project:Market

JC had another festival with tons of vendors and some food trucks.  We got a bunch of different things including cheese curds (of course), crab fries, and finally got my musubi!  The cheese curds, which we had gotten over the summer, were amazing as usual but we overdid it and got two orders.  The crab fries I think were from Angry Crab.  They were alright but not nearly as good as the ones from Just BeClaws, which reminded me that we should seriously go back there soon.  The spam musubi from Eemas Cuisine was worth it.  This time, no ridiculous wait though.  Last summer at Project Eats I tried for two days to get some but they always ran out or weren't ready yet.  SO GOOD.  They need to open up a real storefront so I can eat all things Hawaiian.  Best musubi I've had.

Cheese Curds from Cow and the Curd.  Always amazing.  Both sauces were delicious too. One was chipotle mayo and the other something with sriracha.

Crab Fries from the Angry Crab. Tasty but not enough crab and I love the garlic aioli from Just BeClaws.  Here cheese was okay but less flavorfu

Spam Musbui with edible flower from Eemas Cuisine!  The little sesame seeds and sprinkled green thing on top (seaweed? not sure) made it sooo much better than other musubi I've had

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