Friday, December 18, 2015

Donuts from Downtown Yogurt in Jersey City, NJ

For some time now I have been meaning to pick up donuts from Downtown Yogurt.   We had a week where Dan and I went a little sugar-crazy and ate tons of ridiculously rich donuts.  We actually went to Downtown Yogurt twice - though the second time only got two donuts.  Everything was pretty amazing and I definitely think the cannoli donut is one of the best I've had.  Over the past year or so I have become obsessed with all things cannoli (see post on Nasto's ice cream).  Downtown JC was sorely missing a legit donut place so I'm so happy they have this! Right by the PATH for all your fat kid, post-work dreams.
4some of donuts

Glazed donut - done just right.  Vastly superior to DD's.  I think better than Krispy Kreme too which can be too rich.  Right amount of bounce and glaze

Also really enjoyed this Maple Bacon donut.  Not too cloyingly sweet and loved the saltiness from the bacon.

Best of the bunch - cannoli donut.  No words other than go there and eat it.

Bananas Foster donut.  I got this for Dan since he loves bananas.  I tried a small bite and  it was good. I'm sure it was delicious but I just don't love fruit in my dessert generally.

Second trip that week got another glazed and this Apple Crumb donut.  Again, don't love fruit in my desserts generally esp. filled.  But again you could tell this was a quality donut.
Neopolitan, Cheesecake, Red velvet, Oreo, Glazed, and Ring Ding.  All were crazy rich and delicious but it was a lot of donuts for just the two of us. Dan said the Ring Ding was his fav.  My all time fav from here will always be the cannoli

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