Friday, December 18, 2015

Dinner from Two Boots in Jersey City, NJ

I was craving pizza from Two Boots and decided to order some pizzas from there since they were cheap considering the variety of topics, and because I had only gotten slices in the past.  I ordered two different pizzas, and after the delivery guy left, discovered he had given me two totally different pizzas.  Fortunately when I called back they took care of it fairly quickly, and the new delivery guy gave me an extra coupon.  Both pizzas were delicious but the crust is very corn-y, so it made me extra heavy.  Not so great for re-heating.  The slices might be better because they are larger with less bread to topics/ratio.  I'm always going to be fan of the Newman pizza though.
Small Newman on left, and Small CBCB on the right

Newman - soppressata and sweet Italian sausage on a white pie

CBCB - chicken, broccoli, garlic, and basil pesto

Close up of CBGB.  Huge chunks of chicken 

Close up of Newman. mmmmeat

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