Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dinner at Carroll Place in NYC

For Debbie's birthday a bunch of ladies went to Carroll Place.  The place had delicious Italian food though pretty bad service, both at the bar and when we were eating dinner.  I know it was a weekend and crowded but some of it could've been avoided - i.e. remember to put in the appetizer when people order.  Honestly all the food was solid and worth coming back for except for the horrible service.  Questionable whether I will return.
Linguine Vongole - clams, white wine, chili flake, and tomato.  Some of the best pasta with seafood I've had. Cooked al dente with delicious garlic /wine sauce.  I shared this and the pappardelle with Susie and actually liked this dish even more than the one below, which had meat.  Crazy.

Housemade Papparadelle with braised pork ragu, zucchini and parmigiano. This was also really good but the linguine was much more memorable   

Wood Fired Rosemary Wings with blue cheese sauce.  Delicious.  Great char and loved the herbs, but these came AFTER our entrees so was already full :(

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