Friday, December 18, 2015

Lunch from Short Grain in Jersey City, NJ

I ordered some sandwiches from Short Grain for pick up.  It worked out really well since they were ready by the time the train arrived.  We decided to try something different than the usual pork belly banh mi.  We got the roast beef sandwich and coconut curry chicken sandwich.  I was not a fan of the roast beef but Dan loved it.  It was too spicy and mayo-y for me, plus the bread really threw me off since I was expecting the typical french roll that they used for banh mis.  I loved the cococnut chicken curry sandwich though.  The curry flavor was more subtle but it was delicious, and everything tasted super fresh.  Would def order that one again.
Top - Coconut Chicken Curry, Bottom - Roast Beef

Again, chicken on top and roast beef on bottom.  Close up of all the layers in the roast beef.  I think it was the horseradish mayo that I disliked

Close up of the coconut chicken curry.  Loved the pickled veggies.

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