Friday, December 18, 2015

Dinner at Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City, NJ

A bunch of us went to Zeppelin Hall (aka the Biergarten) for Cheese Fest.  Since it was the first night though, they had no poutine :(  So sad.  The whole experience was kind of a let down to be honest, so much so that we haven't returned to try the poutine even though it may be going on.  The grilled cheese was just too large - texas toast, if used, should have like 10 pieces of cheese inside in my opinion to the cheese/bread ratio is more even.  The "korean ribs" also tasted like some kind of generic American ribs.  Womp womp.  Also the cheese plate was hard.  Didn't take a pic of it.
My French Onion Soup grilled cheese.  Too much bread, not enough cheese.  Liked the idea though.  Fries were the best part of the meal 
"Korean" ribs.  Okay.

Dan's jalapeno popper melt  - I think he felt the same way re: lack of melted cheese and cheese/bread ratio

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