Monday, June 19, 2017

Dinner at Cochon in New Orleans, LA

For my birthday dinner, we went to Cochon in the Warehouse District.  It is a place known for all of its meaty offerings, so of course I wanted to eat there.  Unfortunately both the food and service were not memorable.  And one of Dan's drinks was actually bad.  Overall, I was disappointed not only that we didn't love it, but honestly it was average.  Very upsetting because we were so looking forward to the meal.  The signature dish we thought was not even well done.  Overcooked.  Maybe Cochon Butcher would've been better because it's pretty tough to mess up sandwiches if you have good meat.
fried alligator with chili garlic mayonnaise - this was my fav thing, I think because we just love alligator so much.  Like a meatier chicken.  Loved the sauce

wood-fired oysters with chili garlic butter - this was good but not mind blowing.  Later on we had grilled oysters that I thought were better

cucumbers & herbs in vinegar - I ordered this as a side to cut the prospective fat of our entrees

louisiana cochon with cabbage, cracklins & pickled peaches - this is the restaurant's signature dish.  The cochon was overcooked to the point of being pretty dry.  Upset that we didn't love not even liked it too much

pork cheek country captain with raisins, turnips & almonds - Dan did not like this because there was a LOT of five-spice seasoning.  I enjoyed it because I love pork cheek no matter what and appreciated the crunchy almonds but it def had a lot of seasoning.  Too much I agree but I still ate it because I liked it more than the cochon

Banana Pudding with house made nilla wafers & toasted meringue - it was okay but not the best either of us had had

Daily ice cream with sugar pig cookie.  Both the ice cream and cookie were just ehhh.  Actually the ice cream was ehh. The cookie wasn't sweet enough so ....yeah....

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