Monday, June 19, 2017

Lunch at Commander's Palace in New Orleans, LA

For my birthday, we went to Commander's Palace for lunch.  I made a reservation I think two months ahead?  We took a street car over, which was an experience though perhaps more comfortable to have Uber-ed.  It took awhile but we got there early, so we went to the cemetery across the street first.  The restaurant was beautiful inside and service was great.  It reminded us of Paul Bocuse in Lyon.  They asked if we were celebrating anything special just like they did at PB.  The food was incredible and was happy to take advantage of their 25 cent martinis.  Delicious and strong and the food was a great example of NOLA food.
Garlic bread and butter

Bourbon and a 25 cent blue curacao martini

Gumbo was delicious

But turtle soup even better!  I felt bad eating it but it was delicious and meat and had a tiny kick

Ray's melon martini

Dan got a stuffed quail dish.  Was so well cooked, not tough at all.  Great sauce as well

 Corn Crusted Des Allemands Catfish A sauté of crawfish tails, grilled Vidalia onions, Louisiana red beans & roasted tomatoes with Creole tomato vinaigrette and smoked corn grits.  I loved everything about this.  It felt so huge though I couldn't eat the whole thing which was so sad.  Our hotel had a fridge but no microwave

So much fish

Close up of the beautiful quial

Creole Bread Pudding Souffle - Finished tableside with whiskey cream sauce.  Dan loved it.  Interesting mix of bread pudding and souffle.  I disliked the look of it 

I was too full to order dessert but they gave me a complimentary sorbet.  Great light end to the heavy meal

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