Monday, June 19, 2017

Dinner at Restaurant R'evolution in New Orleans, LA

Dan and I went to Restaurant R'Evolution for a fancy dinner.  It was definitely the fanciest meal we had and ended up being the most filling.  As in, we were in such a deep food coma that we couldn't go out after.  That was disappointing but the meal and service were incredible.  They even had a tiny stool for my purse!  We were so full that we couldn't order dessert, but they also gave us a bunch of complimentary sweet treats.  A nice mix of many things.  I would definitely recommend going here for a nice fancy meal.  People dressed casually though despite that so it's not a big deal if you're not dressed to the nines.

Amuse buche.  Can't remember what it was but it was tasty

Great bread options with three different dips.  I think butter, olive oil, and some fat spread which was incredible

Death by Gumbo - best thing we ate.  Roasted Quail, Andouille, Oysters, Filé Rice.   They poured the soup over the quail and sliced it in half for us.  The quail was stuffed with the sausage, oysters and rice.  So decadent and delicious

Pig out board - Chef’s “Binge” Board, Feeds 2.  Tons of different meats with mustards and dips/spreads including a cooked short rib spread that no joke could have been its own appetizer

Toast and mustards and bruschettas

Crawfish-Stuffed Redfish Napoleon - Artichoke and Oyster Stew, Fried Crawfish Boulette. Again very rich and another protein stuffed with protein.  Amazing delicate and rich

Cajun Cioppino - Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Crawfish, Blue Crab Lollipop in Spicy Fish Stew.  I ordered thinking this would be light but was so stuffed it was a struggle.  Delicious but not too spicy

Purse stool!

Beautiful box that our complimentary dessert came in
Cute little pastries

Macaroon and praline.  Thankfully they gave us a to go box for all the desserts

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