Monday, June 19, 2017

Dinner at Greene Hook in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I went to Greene Hook for dinner and as usual had a delicious meal.  Best restaurant in JC?  We think so.  This time tried a few new things and loved it all.  
Spaetzle Mac and Cheese with bacon and delicious crispy toppings.  Different texturally than normal mac but very tasty and kind of lighter

Dan got the meatloaf en croute - meatloaf wrapped in puffed pastry.  So delicious and not overly heaving because of the puff pastry.  Great mashed potatoes too

Inside of the meatloaf
Delicious chicken schnitzel sandwich

Chicken was nicely fried with brie and apples on flatbread.  With a side of perfectly fried sweet potato fries

Got creme brulee for dessert.  Excellent with the side of berries

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