Friday, May 24, 2013

Dinner at Orale in Jersey City, NJ

After a ridic day trying to get to JC on the PATH, Tracy, Nicole, and I had some delicious and meaty Mexican dinner.  We shared the queso fundido with chorizo and potatoes (tasty but the cheese was less melty than I thought), and three kinds of tacos: sweetbreads, bone marrow with crispy pork belly, and carnitas.  The bone marrow was still my favorite, and this time the bones actually had some marrow that we could scoop out.  So awesome and fatty haha.  The carnitas tasted basically like bone marrow minus bone marrow since both had crispy pork belly. The sweetbreads were my least fav, mostly because of the texture.  Very liver-y and gummy.  I'm glad I finally tried it though.  Next time got to get the dinosaurio - short rib.

Queso Fundido with chorizo and potatoes
Tacos de Carnicero - grilled sweetbreads marinated in lime and topped with a cilantro-lime emulsion

Taco Machin - roasted bone marrow topped with crispy pork belly and shredded cabbage

Tacos de Carnitas - braised crisp pork belly, marinated red onions, salsa verde and cilantr

Morenitas - pecan brownies with whipped cream.  Okay but nothing memorable.  The chococlate was a little dark for my liking

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