Friday, May 24, 2013

Dinner at Razza Pizza Artigianale in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I both had a pizza craving so decided to go back to Razza to try some new stuff.  I really believe this is the best pizza I've ever had, and it's definitely the best pizza in Jersey City.  All the ingredients are local (they even had a chalkboard showing where stuff came from) and taste so fresh.  We had ceci (chickpeas marinated in extra virgin olive oil and parmaigiano reggiano) and bread and butter.  Dan asked, "How do you eat chickpeas alone?"  So then we ordered the bread and butter.  But hot damn you could definitely eat them by themselves!  They were so delicious I cannot even put it into words.  The marinade was so buttery and garlicky and the chickpeas themselves were so hearty.  Plus cheese!  I died and went to heaven.  The fresh churned butter and bread were also amazing and very filling.  I was worried by the time the pizza arrived that we'd eat even less than last time (ate half of two pizzas) but we did even better, I think because these pizzas were meatless and thus easier to eat.  We shraed the Margherita and Mai Pie.  Both were so delicious.  The crust was perfectly cooked - not too charred but still fluffy yet thin.  The toppings again were local and the cheese tasted so fresh.  I didn't even miss the meat, which is shocking!  I asked about a special pie that we saw ThirtyAcres had instagrammed with boar sausage and kale.  Unfortunately that was not their special that night but we'll just have to keep coming back until they have it :)

Oh we also got drinks that I forgot to take pics of but which were awesome.  Mine was a wheat beer mixed with framboise lambic.  Dan got some kind of drink that tasted like a Manhattan.  Had rye whiskey, perhaps bourbon, and orange bitters.  It actually was palatable to me, and he really enjoyed it.

Ceci - Chickpeas marinated in EVOO and parmaigiano reggiano

Bread and butter

Margherita pizza - tomato sauce, handmade fresh mozzarella, basil, Maine coast sea salt, California EVOO

Mai Pie - fresh mozzarella, maitake & cremini mushrooms, parmiagiano reggiano

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