Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lunch from Citifield in Queens, NY

Dan and I went to our first Mets game this year and somehow managed to NOT find Blue Smoke, etc. Womp womp.  But I guess the good news is that we found new food that was pretty damn good, though we waited in line wayyyy too long for it.  Pat LaFrieda had a stand with cheesesteaks and Korean buns.  How could we not go for that?  I got two short rib buns and one chicken.  Both were pretty tasty but the short rib ones were def better.  The whole plate was $15 though, which is wayyy overpriced.  I know it's a stadium, but we waited no less than 20 mins. for the food plus it started raining so it kind of added insult to injury.  Dan's cheesesteak was really tasty.  You could tell the steak was high quality and the caramelized onions and cheese legit tasted like french onion soup on a steak sandwich.  It was SO good.  I would recommend that to others but only if you don't mind waiting for awhile.
Korean Buns - short rib, chicken, short rib

Mouth-watering cheesesteak

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