Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brunch at Essex in NYC

Dan and I finally made it to brunch at Essex in NYC.  It's always been somewhere I've wanted to go to brunch but when you have to deal with the subway and PATH on the weekends, it's so much more tempting to eat at home or eat in JC.  I'm glad we went though because now we know that it's all hype and not anything amazing.  It was super crowded when we got there and awkward/difficult to find the hostess.  Luckily we had a reservation so got seated right away.  The waiter was okay in terms of re-filling our drinks (every brunch entree comes w/3 mimosas, screwdrivers or bloody marys) but sometimes we had to get his attention.  We weren't rushed though, which was good considering how busy it was.  We both felt that we could've made our dishes better at home.  Not that I would have short ribs to just throw in my hash haha, but they OVERCOOKED my eggs!  WTF!  I asked for my eggs over easy and it was definitely over hard, barely any runny yolk at all.  The yolk was essentially cooked through and tasted like a hard boiled yolk.  Sad Panda :(   Also, the duck fat with the potatoes was really unnecessary.  The short rib on its own was so rich (and very tasty I'll admit) so it would've been better with just regular home fries-style potatoes.  Oh well; at least we know now and I can move on to other brunch escapades.

Complimentary onion roll - okay.  Soft but not warm.

The CEO - chorizo, scrambled eggs, onions and tortillas with side of home fries and salad.  Dan got this, and we both agreed that we make better chorizo scrambles at home.  Also, didn't taste like chorizo, more like andouille.  Confusing.

Short rib hash with three eggs "over easy" and duck fat potatoes.  But really kind of misleading b/c hash implies potatoes so you'd think I'd be getting double potatoes (not that I wanted that) but they should just say short rib hash in duck fat, plus eggs.

Still I cleaned my plate hahaha.  Fatty HP.

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