Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dinner at VB3 in Jersey City, NJ

Law school lady reunion in JC.  Very belated.  While I'm glad I finally got to try the food at VB3 and the environment itself was kinda fun for a chill Friday night, the food itself was just okay.  My pizza was tasty because how can cheese, truffle oil, and mushrooms be bad, but the pizza crust was just ehh.  I think everyone enjoyed their pasta except Laura, which I kind of agreed with because it was oddly lemon-y.  The arancini and wings we had for appetizers were fine, nothing so memorable but tasty.  Overall, definitely better food in JC, and most definitely better pizza elsewhere.   But not bad if you're in the Newport area and want something besides mall food court food.

Brick oven chicken wings with roasted onions, celery, chili calabrese and gorgonzola cheese.  Nice and crisp with a good amount of spice.  Didn't really eat any of the stuff on top, maybe that would've made it even better.

Arancini - saffron rice balls stuffed with mozzarella and peas.  Honestly did not taste anything except cheese inside.  Fried cheese is hard to mess up, but it just wasn't anything so memorable and needed some salt.

Penne Primavera with seasonal vegetable, cherry tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.  Kavita got this and I think she enjoyed it.  I didn't try it but it looked fresh and healthy.

Penne a la vodka with prosciutto and peas.  My fav combo, which is also Jess's favorite.  She seemed to like it and I tried a bit and the sauce was good.  Didn't get any meat or peas in my bite but since the sauce was good I'm sure with the prosciutto and peas it was even better.

Wild mushroom pizza with pecorino, truffle oil, and thyme.  Great balance of cheese, shrooms and truffle oil.  The dough was fine but didn't make me want to eat my crusts.

Orecchiette con gambieri - jumbo shrimp, broccoli rabe, lemon, white wine and butter.  Laura got this and unfortunately did not seem to be a huge fan.  I tried it and the only thing I could taste was lemon.  Too bad because it looked really good.

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