Monday, March 10, 2014

Dinner at Red Robin in Clifton, NJ

Pre-movie date Dan and I went to Red Robin because I saw they had a gluten-free menu, and it's been a long time since we've gone out for burgers somewhere besides the Five Guys below our apartment building.  Although we had to wait a little while and I am constantly confused why chain restaurants have suchhh long waits sometimes, the food was actually really good and we both ate our dishes completely.  My drink of beer and booze was amazingly refreshing and reminded me of summer - blue moon white ale, svedka clementine vodka and some orange and lime juice, all served in a hollowed out beer can that was ice cold.  Perfect.  Red Robin also has gluten-free buns and even a dedicated gf fryer.  The fries were also seasoned with something awesome because I could not stop eating it and I usually don't like and can't eat too many steak fries.  Well done Red Robin. Would definitely come again.  Also, the burgers were each like $10.  Not bad at all.  So many good burger places.  Smashburger and Five Guys need to hop on the train and have gf bun options.

My bacon cheeseburger- burger, lettuce, tomato, bacon plus I added blue cheese.  And bottomless steak fries.  Thankfully I had some self control and we left before I could get them refilled

Dan's Royal Red Robin - bacon cheeseburger mayo, lettuce, tomato, and with a fried egg.  So decadent and delicious

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