Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lunch at Mighty Quinn's BBQ in Clifton, NJ

Mighty Quinn's BBQ just opened up its first place in Jersey, in Clifton in fact.  Right where Corner Bakery used to be.  While I did love Corner Bakery this is a welcome, different addition from the usual chains.  I've wanted to go to Mighty Quinn's in NYC but I always thought the restaurants were small with long lines and not worth it to me especially with places like Hill Country where there's so much space and reservations galore.  Overall, I enjoyed the meal since I got to try so much.  The take-away is that the brisket and pulled pork are wonderful and definitely what one should order.  At least over the spare ribs (too pepper-y and not enough meat and not fall off the bone) or chicken (too much dry rub and not much flavor). The sides were all very tasty.  I'd like to come back and get a sandwich with tons of extra veggies on it.

Half chicken w/pickled cucumbers and vinegar slaw

Spare ribs w/slaw

Sweet potato casserole with maple & pecans, burnt end baked beans, edamame and sweet pea salad, pulled pork.  The best side was probably the beans because of the burnt ends in there.  The sweet potato casserole was the right amount of sweet, and the salad was the lightest so refreshing.  The pulled pork was very tender and juicy and the bbq sauce on the table added great zing.

Brisket w/pickled cucumbers and slaw.  The brisket is probably my fav of any BBQ places I've gone to in the city, so that is a high endorsement.  Good amount of fat and smoke and seasoning.  Can't wait to try a brisket sandwich in the future.

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