Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brunch at Grill 21 in NYC

First time ever NYC had a Filipino Restaurant Week.  I didn't think most of the deals looked too good price-wise, because generally Filipino food is not expensive.  But I'd been wanting to try Grill 21 and they had some good deals.  Overall, a good meal, but not the best I've had and nothing super memorable. A solid option if around that area.  Apparently no air conditioning, which is very Filipino haha.
Bangilog - bangus (fried milkfish), fried eggs, and garlic fried rice.  They didn't use fresh garlic, which is a bit of  a bummer. It tasted good though the fish was small

Pinakbet - as good as any I've had.  I just am not a huge fan of about half the veggies in there (bitter melon and eggplant)

Pancit canton - my dad's is the best so hard to compare

Tocilog - fried egg, garlic fried rice and tocino (cured pork).  This was actually very good and worth coming back for. It's shockingly hard to find a filipino place with good tocino. Usually the pork is too fatty but this was right on point

Lumpia shanghai - good but mine's better. It could've been fried more.  It's def hard for me to go to Filipino places now that I've become pretty good at cooking certain dishes

Bbq pork and lechon kiwali with garlic rice.  BBQ marinade was excellent.  That also was worth returning for.  Lechon was good but not great

Halo halo - didn't have as many ingredients as most places. I also asked for mango ice cream and they gave me ube.  I feel like they did that on purpose because they thought ube was the "better" choice

Turon - I don't like when they caramelize the sugar.  I prefer dipping in sugar.  Anyway, good but mine/my mother's is better

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