Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lunch at Cafe 203 in Lyon, France

Off to Lyon, which ended up being my fav city on this trip. The city itself is super cute.  Lots of older looking buildings and narrow streets of old Europe.  But also easy to walk through but not so many tourists.  And the food!  This was probably the least good meal we had but it was still unique and delicious.
Rillete with fish, quinoa, and fresh veggies.  I wasn't entirely sure what a rillette was at first but appears to be some kind of mixed patty, usually with seafood. It tasted very light, fresh and healthy, which was a change from the rich food we had been eating

Dan's quennelle - which is a Lyonnaise dish.  An eggy/custardy/fish dish in cream sauce.  Soft, tender and rich.  

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