Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dinner at La Creperie du Major in Lyon, France

Best crepes in Lyon?  This place, and it was like a block from our apartment!  Everything was sooo good.  I haven't really had memorable savory crepes before but these were amazing.  The place was so cute too - a weird fantasy/gnome theme throughout haha.  The dessert was also delicious.  The meal was inexpensive.  Nothing bad to say except I wish we'd had more meals so we could've gone back!
Delicious cider
Served in a cute tea cup

My crepe with potatoes, ham and cheese.  Perfect combo

Dan's crepe with duck pieces apples, and delicious cream sauce

My dessert - pear, vanilla bean, fresh chantilly (whipped cream) and nutella sauce

Dan's sundae - french vanilla with chantilly and caramel sauce

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