Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dinner at Paul Bocuse, Auberge du Pont de Collonges in Lyon, France

We had our second three-Michelin-star meal at Paul Bocuse.  It was a very different experience from Arzak, both in terms of the service/ambiance and food.  I loved it though, which surprised me.  I loved everything about it.  It was a 20-30 min ride from the center of Lyon, very much in the middle of nowhere.  As soon as we arrived, maybe 3-5 waiters were there to greet us and escort us to our seats.  All of the servers were male, and they doubled both as waiters and preparers of certain dishes table-side.  The food was intricately prepared, with as much if not more flavor in my opinion than Arzak, but you could tell what it was, which I apparently like.  There were fewer courses but they were much larger and richer.  By the time dessert came around I could barely move, but it was worth it.  We did a pre-fixe menu because it made more sense price-wise and it was also nicer to have fewer choices.  We chose the "Classique" menu, which was the least inexpensive but also had more choices that I liked.  We also added the truffle soup a la carte, which was crazy

Various complimentary amuse bouches.  My fav was the far right of avocado mousse.

Delicious bread and butter

Cassolette of lobster "a l'armoricaine".  Maybe the best thing I had.  It was thickness wise in between a cream soup and brothy soup.  Delicious cream flavor with huge chunks of lobster and pistachio foam.  So unlike anything I've eaten

Quenelle of pike and crayfish with Nashua sauce.  Even silkier than the first quenelle Dan had

Truffle soup.  85 euros

Close-up.  Didn't take a pic of inside but super rich with truffle bits and foie gras broth.  Nice and flaky puff pastry

Filet of beef Rossini with Perigeaux sauce.  Also in between seared foie gras soo good

Fricasse of bresse chicken in cream sauce with morel mushrooms.  Chicken cooked in a bladder.  Other people got it actually in the bladder and it was popped tableside.  I think it was better this way, because seeing the bladder was little unappetizing.  Great flavor but a little rich for me

Cheese course.  So many options and our cheese guy didn't really speak English

Chocolate mouse and macarons and chocolate

Many dessert options

We could've literally tried all

But instead Dan chose a key lime tart

And I got baba au rum with a 1/5 of rum haha.  If I hadn't been stuffed I probably would've been tipsy

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