Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lunch at A Ma Vigne in Lyon, France

From my yelping and googling I found out that a tiny place called A Ma Vigne had the best steak frites in Lyon.  Somehow I managed to obtain a lunch reservation.  Ordering was interesting because the waitress spoke NO english ha.  Still we made it through, and had one of the most tasty steak meals I've had.  Granted, the steak itself didn't LOOK amazing, esp. because it didn't have char the way we expect here.  But the oil/juices was amazing and the frites fried perfectly.  Perfect combo of thin meat and fries dipped in the juices.  Of course, not the best meal to have at lunch when we had a huge dinner ahead of us.  Oh well.  That's why we're champions.
Delicious and inexpensive rose with house-made sausage

Perfectly fried frites

Steak in all its juices



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