Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dinner at Pho 3 in Paris, France

Still was craving Asian food after our terrible initial meal in Paris.  I found a place known for banh mi online but when we arrived it was closed :( Fortunately this pho place on the same block was open. It was also raining so pho seemed appropriate.  Thankfully this meal was much better, very authentic tasting Vietnamese food and very inexpensive.  We were still kind of full from lunch so I felt bad because we didn't finish, nor did we take our leftovers.  But we really enjoyed the meal!  Just had no fridge and couldn't eat it all after Paul Bert.
Dan's pho with beef and tripe.  Great broth.  You can tell they stewed the meat for a long time

Fixins for pho

My bun (Vermicelli) with spring rolls and beef.  Really good as well.  Unlike some places I've been to, the sauce was on top and already kinda mixed in, versus just on the bottom, so it was well balanced. I was sad that I had no room to finish it all

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