Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dinner at Cerveceria Catalana in Barcelona, Spain

From my yelping we decided to go to Cerveceria Catalana, which was near our hotel.  Seemed to be very popular, both for locals and tourists.  The food was good overall though I think we understood that it was more for being trendy than authentic or mindblowing.
Dan's chalice of beer

Delicious octopus with paprika.  Nice and meaty

Baguette with pate and roquefort.  This trip has shown me that I loveee pate, which I never would've thought.  The bread also had great crunch

Asparagus and mushrooms.  A little oily.  I could've made this better

Patatas bravas!  This was probably the best patatas I had in Spain.  The outside was crisp but the inside soft almost like mashed potatoes.  The garlic aioli was also incredible.  I didn't even bother with the red sauce, which I think was spicy

Grilled razor clams.  First time we both had tried it.  Didn't really get what all the fuss was about

Another shot of the razor clams.  Not much meat but a little pricy

Towards the end Dan got this pintxo of steak with sea salt and pepper.  Delicious

Crema catalana - better than the other place for sure

Dan had to get flan.  So much sweetness

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