Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lunch at Bar del Pla in Barcelona, Spain

Dan and I met some random Norweigan man who owns a wine star, and who is apparently a well-known foodie in Barcelona.  He recommended this restaurant to us, and since we were in the area after going to the Picasso museum, we stopped in.  The food was well prepared and delicious, plus not too expensive.  The service sucked.  If it hadn't been so crowded and if we hadn't been so hungry, maybe we wouldn't have stayed.  I'm glad we did though because it was a great meal.
Pan con tomato - tomato rubbed bread.  A typical Spanish side.  Nice and light

Bomba de squid ink and croqueta.  Both delicious and perfectly fried

Delicious fried potato balls with aioli and some other sauce.  Great balance of creaminess and friedness

Inside of the squid ink bomba

My fav dish - steak with foie gras and crispy onions.  Sooo delicious and less than 6 euros

Large dish with calamari and chickpeas.  Great sauce but very heavy

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