Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lunch at Tokugawa or Nagoya in Paris, France

After that decadent meal in Lyon, when we got to Paris we wanted something completely different. It was also raining so we didn't want to go far from the hotel.  We ended up at this Japanese restaurant near our hotel, and it was horrid.  Like, I've had better "Japanese" food at mall food courts.  This was just overpriced, greasy, tasteless, and took too long.  I'm not 100% sure of the name of the place as there were two Japanese restaurants in close proximity to each other and our hotel.  I don't want to totally shame the place because I can't be sure the name, but regardless, if there is one with lots of yakitori options, stay away because that's the one we went to.
Dan and I each got a bento box with miso soup.  The soup was eh

Usually I love bento boxes, but this was horrible.  Starting from Right and going clockwise: gyoza (greasy and lacked flavor); three yakitori sticks (also greasy.  Chicken was blend, meatball was confusing and greasy, and the third inedible); noodles (even worse. super greasy and just not well cooked).  The salad with fried spring rolls was the only decent thing.  But again, every part of that box was full of oil 

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