Friday, February 12, 2016

Brunch at Flex Mussels in NYC

Had a family couples brunch at Flex Mussels around Union Square.  All of the food was AMAZING, but especially the donuts.  They were crazy good, both the savory and sweet.  The entrees were rich and delicious and unhealthy.  We didn't even get any mussels this time around but such a great place I think it will be a repeat in the near future.
Complimentary biscuit bites with a sweet frosting

Everything Donuts - each had different cream cheese filling.  From top to bottom - jalapeno cream cheese, bacon cream cheese, salmon cream cheese, scallion cream cheese.  All delish but favs were bacon and salmon.  The donuts were so fluffy like a regular donut but the awesome taste of an everything bagel

The Messiest Sandwich - Bialy with cheddar, maple candied bacon, egg, roasted tomatoes, and sauteed kale.  All delicious but soooo hard to hold.  Also I don't think it was really a bialy.  But I loved all the flavors.  Half of it would've been sufficient

The Messiest Sandwich again

Jalapeno Cheddar Waffles with tomatillo crema and chipotle butter.  Em didn't love it sadly

Shelly BENEDICTOWITZ  - potato latke, smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche. Delicious. Dan ate it all up.  Latke base should be everywhere

Fun looking sugar crystals

Best donuts in America.  Each filled with deliciousness.  (Top to bottom) Lemon, peanut butter and jelly, and three cinnamon sugar.  The vanilla dipping sauce is mind blowing esp with the cinnamon sugar donut.  Like a malasada.  I could've licked the sauce

They forgot to give us dulce de leche (instead giving extra cinnamon) so they made new ones.  Sooo good

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