Friday, February 12, 2016

Dinner at Shack Shack and Mighty Quinn's in NYC

Dan and I wanted to do some crispy chicken sandwich comparisons, we got chicken sammies both from Shack Shack and Mighty Quinn's.  Dan preferred Shack Shack for the sauce - some herb mayo.  I preferred Mighty Quinn's as it was spicy and I loved all the other stuff on the sandwich.  The MQ's one is much larger.  We split it up but had leftovers.  Still need to try the fuku sandwich.
Chicken sammies

Cheese fries.  Yum yum

My chicken sandwich without onions or mayo.  I guess it's pretty plain without that stuff.  Good crispy news but too thick patty

Spicy sauce on Mighty Quinn's sandwich.  Same sauce as on their wings

Underneath are the pickled cucumbers and slaw.  Great balance

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