Friday, February 12, 2016

Dinner at Swine NYC in NYC

Dan and I went to Swine for a delicious, porktastic meal.  Obviously the restaurant is devoted to revering the piggy pig.  Everything was pretty rich and delicious.  I would love to come back for brunch.  We felt a little gross afterwards but I think worth it ha.
Tuna Tar Taco - Bluefin tuna tartare, yuzu jalapeno, aji amarillo, peanut crumble, gluten free taco shell.  Nice crispy shell in contrast with the refreshing tuna taste

Platter with foie gras torchon and burrata, plus two kinds of jam.  They didn't have the foie gras and jam sandwich on their menu but we basically could make our own.  They gave us two kinds of jelly/jam, both of which went great with the foie gras.  The burrata was prob not the right choice because it wasn't as spreadable or flavorful.  Maybe goat cheese or brie would've been a better compliment

Potato Chip Nachos - five cheese nachos, jalapeno, pork belly.  Clearly delicious and amazingly rich bc of the fondue and pork belly.  Got pretty full after but then we had our entree burger
Bone Marrow and Brisket Burger - Tartentaise cheese, caramelized onions with crispy potato wedges.  Super rich obvi.  The bone marrow was like butter

Went halfsies on the burger.  Dan tapped out

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