Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Home-made bruscetta and fettucine vongole

Dan made a delicious home-made Italian meal for Valentine's day, inspired both by food we've eaten at Italian restaurants and Jacques Pepin's tv show.  He made a bruscetta with ricotta, honey, and walnuts, inspired by bruscetta we had at Roman Nose on New Year's Eve. He also made fresh pasta - fettucine - with garlic, white wine, and clams.  I've had linguine with clams at many Italian restaurants and it's become one of my fav pasta dishes as it's generally light and very garlicky.  Making home-made pasta was a several hour long process, but soo much better than boxed pasta.  Excited to make more home-made pasta in the future.
Bruscetta with ricotta, walnuts, honey, and some with pear

Close up of bruscetta.  SO GOOD.  Could eat this and die happy

Lots of home-made fettucine bundles

Lots of pasta!

Beautiful plate of fettucine with clams

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