Friday, February 12, 2016

Dinner at Pig and Khao in NYC

Dan and I went to Pig and Khao for Restaurant Week.  For $38 per person we got sooo much food.  We were full early on and even had to take stuff home.  Dan didn't love the meal as much as me but I still really enjoyed it and would recommend it.
Our drinks.  Forgot mine was but was very healthy and thick tasting.  Didn't love it

Chicharron - ten spice and coconut vinegar

Grilled Pork Jowl - brussel sprouts, toasted rice, lime-chili, fish sauce, herbs.  Lots of flavor.  Not too much pork unfortunately

Green Papaya Salad - charred chicken, green papaya, crispy taro, peanuts, herb, fish sauce, lime juice.  Tons of flavor and very refreshing

Love their coconut rice

Shan Noodles - ground chicken, turfmeric, peanuts, fermented mustard greens, and rice noodles.  Unfortunately we both thought this was lacking some flavor

Side of cabbage with ribs.  Dry

BBQ Baby Back Ribs.  Tender though sauce was a little sweet.  We were pretty full by this point and still had to save room for dessert

Mixed up Shan Noodles

Halo Halo - amazing.  Also a normal size versus normal Filipino mega size

Ricotta donuts with kalamansi custard.  Great fluffy donuts and loved the custard dipping sauce

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