Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dinner at Seamore's in NYC

Dan and I finally made it to Seamore's in NYC, a seafood restaurant owned by Michael Chernow of the Meatball Shop and FoodPorn tv show fame.  They don't take reservations, which was a mild turn-off.  We arrived and were told there was a 45-minute wait.  Normally we hate to wait but we toughed it out at the bar and I got a delicious watermelon juice drink.  We were seated in only about 25 minutes though, which was a pleasant surprise.  Everything we had was incredible.  Best fish tacos I've had.  Top 2 ramen dishes I've had, probably best ramen outside of Hawaii.  There are also many other things I'm dying to try on their dinner and brunch menus, so I'm sure we will be back.
Fresh watermelon juice with vodka.  So deliciously refreshing

Poke with ponzu, peanuts, and avocado - some of the best poke I've had.  At first I thought it was a massive portion ut there was cabbage underneath the poke.  Fresh tasting tuna, well-dressed, and loved having avocado and peanut textures.  The chips were also delicious on their own.
Oh Boy - crispy skate, pickled peppers, and special cause with side of sweet potato fries. Great fried fish sandwich.  I didn't have much because was so full of everything else we ate though.  Dan loved this sammie
Crispy fish tacos - with cabbage, guacamole, and chipotle mayo.  The fish used that day was dogfish, which I don't think I'd ever had.  The fish was perfectly fried.  At first I thought only two tacos would be small but they were huge pieces of fish, prob the size of a hotdog.  I got full off of one.  The crunch of the greens and radish made it light-ish.  The chipotle mayo was also perfection

Special ramen with monk fish.  Such amazing flavor in the broth, which was both chicken and fish based.  Perfect egg, loved all the other items inside (corn, spinach I think, bean sprouts, mushroom).  The monkfish was also soo well cooked.  Great char and silky texture.  I hope they put this on the menu permanently

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