Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dessert from Bucket and Bay in Jersey City, NJ

We took the pups on a walk to Bucket and Bay Gelato Co.  The dogs are actually allowed inside but seemed like they would get too crazy and hyped up so they waited outside with Dan while I got the gelato.  While the gelato was good, I thought it could taste richer, and the alcohol for me overpowered the sweetness of the vanilla gelato.   I still prefer Torico and Milk Sugar Love to this place but happy to have tried it.  The whiskey flight would still be fun.

Dan got mint chip on the bottom and black label vanilla (infused with Johnnie Walker) on top.  The mint chip was super minty - more so than any other mint chip either of us had tried.  The black label vanilla wasn't vanilla-y enough for us

I got black label vanilla on top, and rose latte on the bottom with a homemade cone.  The cone tasted a little burned.  The rose latte also was super subtle; it almost had no taste and wasn't very sweet either.  I don't know if I would have identified rose had I not known what it was. Sad because the combo sounded so delicious when I ordered it

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