Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lunch at Mama Fina's House of Sisig in Elmwood Park, NJ

Dan and I met my parents at Mama Fina's for some delicious filipino good.  Everytime we go it's excellent, but legit this time I had the best sigig of my life - and it wasn't even pork!  Their squid sisig was soo crispy and still had excellent squid flavor.  For me, and I think Dan agreed, it was even more amazing than the pork sisig, which is still the best pork sisig I've had.  Everyone should come eat here but I don't want it to get more crowded haha.
Pork BBq and bangus with rice

Huge piece of bangus (milkfish)

Java rice.  Filipino attempt at Spanish rice

I believe this was the bangus sisig.  Very large pieces of fish in there

Squid sisig.  Taking over my heart

Bulalo - bone marrow soup.  So rich and hearty

Pork sisig - best pork sisig ever

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