Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dinner at Talde in Jersey City, NJ

We hadn't been to Talde in awhile and were looking for a low key but tasty (both food and drink wise) dinner.  We went to Talde and ordered wayy too much, but everything was delicious and we tried a lot of new things on the menu.  The only really negative I have is that the halo-halo, while definitely awesome because of the Cap'n Crunch, had too much ice, and not enough ice cream.  Otherwise, an excellent, albeit pricey, meal.
Delicious cocktails.  (L) Dan got the Ginger Rose - four roses bourbon, laird's applejack, lemon and ginger-cinnamon grenadine.  (R) Watermelon margarita - delicious and loved the huge slice of watermelon with it

Finally tried the #6 bao - spicy chicken .  My bad for saying this was from McDonald's when apparently it's an homage to Wendy's.  DELICIOUS.  Get this.

Grilled short rib robata with sesame and asian pear kimchi.  Not a huge portion but sooo flavorful.  Meat was not too fatty and had an awesome marinade.

Blue crab fried rice with jalapeno and jalapeno aioli. The only repeat dish because it is that good.  Huge pieces of crab and delicious sauce.

Crispy Oyster and Bacon Pad Thai - delicious but a little too rich for me.  I personally thought just having one of those proteins would've been enough.  Dan thought it was excellent though.

Non traditional halo halo.  Loved the creativity with cap'n crunch, but hard to taste ice cream

So much shaved ice 

Where's the ice cream???

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