Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dinner at Sam A.M. Cafe in Jersey City, NJ

Sam A.M. usually isn't open for dinner, but every now and again they do a supper club - a special prix-fixe menu with delicious seasonal options.  You need to make a reservation to go.  We decided to go after seeing their menu for that week on Instagram.  It was overall a great meal and didn't feel too full, but for $40 I felt perhaps portions could've been a tad bigger.
Lobster and Sea Bass Ceviche with ripe avocado - don't think I tasted avocado.  The ceviche itself was good, not overly lime-y but hard to differentiate the fish from lobster cut wise

Fresh Berry, Watercress salad with warm feta dressing.  Nice and light.  Creative ingredients for salad 

Entrees were the star.  Dan got the stuffed local flounder with salted petite potatoes.  The flounder was well cooked and loved the bread crumb topping

Long Island Duck Breast L'Orange - had the chance to pick pieces and I went with the leg and thigh.  Great flavor and well cooked, just a bit petite

Homemade classic flan.  Good but hardly the best I've had

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