Sunday, October 2, 2016

Breakfast at 808 Grindz in Lahaina, Maui, HI

We had breakfast again at our fav spot - 808 Grindz.  This time we went a bit later in the morning (around 10) so there was a line outside.  We probably waited 20-30 minutes, which we HATE doing it but totally worth it.  Seriously, if you are in Lahaina, you MUST go here.  I would wake up early to go to avoid the lines, and also to have the best start to your day.  Need to figure out either a way to make their sauce, or get them to bottle it for purchase haha..
Dan got the Banana Slammer special again with banana mac nut pancakes and of course the legendary macnilla sauce

Dan's Portuguese sausage and fried eggs
I got the Short Rib (Lalbi) Loco Moco and upgraded to fried rice, with gravy on the side so I could control how drenched everything was.   I was feeling savory but part of me was sad to not have gotten my maple bacon macnut pancakes

All super delicious!  Fried rice also had like two meats in it.  Sooo yummy

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