Sunday, October 2, 2016

Brunch at Zaytinya in Washington, DC

Dan and I had our second Jose Andres meal in DC in one weekend, this time joined by a DC friend Natty.  I've always wanted to go to Zaytinya in my time living in DC but just never made it.  Great Mediterranean food.  Not sure how a Spanish chef can be so great at his style and then also Mediterranean, but everything was delicious and well prepared.  We got too much food though, so again felt stuffed at the end.  We did one four-course for $25 and also ordered dishes a la carte.  A lot of the traditional dishes from the 4-course-deal that I've had a million times in my life were really solid, just nothing that blew my mind.
Fresh bread that they kept refilling

1st course - Great hummus

Crispy Brussels Afelia - brussel sprouts, coriander seeds, barberries and garlic yogurt.  Loved the charredness of the sprourts and the garlic yogurt was amazing on it

2nd course - falafel.  Delicious but not memorable in mind considering all the falafel I've eaten

Seared Halloumi Cheese with dates, pomengranate, orange, and mint.  I think this was my fav dish.  Everything was just perfect together.  I wouldn't necessarily think of this combo but was amazing and a must-order

Fried Squid with garlic yogurt sauce - nicely fried and big, meaty pieces.  Again though not that memorable considering all the calamari I've had in my life

3rd course - Adana Kebab - skewered ground lamb, housemade harissa, grilled tomatoes, and sumac onions.  Great flavor of lamb.  Was getting pretty full by the time it came out so I didn't eat as much as I would've liked

Duck Shakshuka - duck egg poached in peppery tomato sauce with smoked duck confit and pickled chiles.  Great flavor.  I think this was both Dan and Natty's fav.  I enjoyed it a lot and appreciated the complexity - a tad spicy for me :-O

4th course: Turkish Delight - walnut ice cream, yogurt mousse, honey gelee, orange caramel sauce and caramelized pine nuts.  Delicious and so many flavors but was so so full

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