Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lunch at Salt Lick BBQ in Dallas/Fort-Worth Airport, TX

We had a layover in Dallas/Fort-Worth, and to our pleasant surprise, there was a Salt Lick!  However, it was like 5am, so we were very concerned it wouldn't be open.  Fortunately it was, though only had the limited breakfast menu.  Clearly not even 25% as good as the actual restaurant.  But still, it was Salt Lick.  Apparently in Texas it super easy to get a breakfast burrito, because I was really excited that Salt Lick had it, but afterwards while we were walking around, every food spot had them haha.
Oh well, sounds like another purposeful trip to Texas needs to happen in the future.
Breakfast burrito with egg, cheese, potatos, brisket, and bacon.  Yes please

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