Sunday, October 2, 2016

Breakfast at Tasty Crust Restaurant in Wailuku, Maui, HI

Dan and I had breakfast at Tasty Crust, a very home-y diner in central Maui near the airport.  We didn't eat a ton since we had lunch plans, but glad to try it.  Their pancakes were very different from 808 Grindz, according to Dan, but still solid.  More like traditional pancakes, with huge banana chunks.  I got a small order of fried rice and Portuguese sausage, because I basically fell in love with the Portuguese sausage there.  I was glad they had small and large options for sizes
Fav meat

"Small" fried rice with ham and bacon, and topped with a fried egg

Dan's ginormous short stack of banana pancakes.  I had advised him to get a single pancake but he didn't listen.  Valiant effort though

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