Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lunch from Like Poke in Kahului, Maui, HI

We had second lunch at another food truck - Like Poke, which was featured on the Food Network before.  It was overall pretty disappointing, especially compared to all the incredible poke we'd already had from simple grocery and liquor stores.  The fried poke was supposed to be flash fried, so the inside was still raw, but it was super cooked through and kind of dry.  The best thing was the fries, which is sad because we came for an incredible poke experience.
Furikake garlic fries.  Delish because curly fries on their own are amazing, but add garlic and furikake and it's awesome

Combo plate.  Left was fried spicy poke, and right was raw spicy poke.  As mentioned, the fried was way too cooked  The raw chunks were so large, it felt a little gross eating such raw fish.  Definitely had more of a seafood taste that I didn't care for.

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