Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dinner at Jaleo in Washington, DC

Dan and I had an incredible meal at Jaleo in Washington, DC.  In town for a wedding, we were conveniently staying within a short walk from Jaleo.  Seriously the best Spanish food outside of Spain.  We ordered way too much.  Tried to order the same number of dishes as last time, but I forgot that two of those dishes were just meat and cheese.  Fortunately Dan carried us home because I bowed out somewhat early.  Love everything we ever eat there!
Cava Sangria fish bowl.  Didn't realize we were getting this size but we made it through

Delicious bread and olive oil.  It was hard not to fill up so much

Flamenquines - rock spring farm pork roll filled with iberico ham and cheese, breaded and deep-fried.  Ridiculously good but very filling and a pretty large portion
Rossejat - traditional paella of toasted pasta with shrimp and calamari.  Never had paella with pasta before but this was excellent.  Also large for only $14!

Ensalada Campera - salad of conserved tuna, fingerling potatoes, green beans,tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs.  I forgot how much I loved this salad when I was in Spain.  Everything works perfectly together and is so hearty.  The whole salad is dressed in oil and vinegar, so even eating the iceberg lettuce is delicious.  I also normally don't like tuna that's not in steak form, but in this salad I LOVE IT

A special with soft shell crab.  Delish, but the least exciting of everything we ate which is CRAZY.  When do you go to a nice restaurant and say the soft shell crab dish is the least exciting.  Still divine and perfectly fried.  Loved the tomato salad with it

Pollo al ajillo con salsa verde - grilled marinated chicken served with parsley puree and garlic sauce.  The garlic sauce was a little sweet, almost like mole.  So delicious

Pulpo a La Gallega - boiled octopus with peewee potatoes, pimenton (pepper) and olive oil.  Last time we were at Jaleo, they ran out of this so we were so happy that they had this.  SO incredible.  Octopus was perfectly good and tasted as good if not better than any octopus we had in Spain

Chorizo Casero con pure de patatas al aceite de oliva - housemade traditional chorizo with olive oil mashed potatoes and cider sauce.  This was delicious and so flavorful, but it was the last dish brought out so I was stuffed and could barely eat it.  Fortunately Dan made room

Traditional Flan with Catalan cream foam and orange.  One of the best flans we've eaten.  So silky and the sauce and cream added perfect balance

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