Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dessert at Il Labrotorio in NYC

Everytime I'm around the LES I want to go to Il Labrotorio, even if it's not that hot out haha.  Just so delicious and different flavors everytime, which throws a planner like me off a little bit but is ttotally worth it.  Loved the new flavors I got to try.
(L) My bowl - pistachio in front, Turkish coffee in back.  The pistachio is super nutty and the Turkish coffee had espresso mixed w/various spices like cardamom.  Very unique and had great coffee flavor.  (R) Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate.  Both really tasty and definitely anything I'd gravitate towards.  This olive oil was 100x better than at Mario Batali's retaurant.  And I don't love dark chocolate but this was delicious.  Not too bitter or overpowering.

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