Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dinner at Misson Cantina in NYC

Risheen and I went to Mission Cantina, another restaurant one my list of places to try.  I had a reservation a few months ago for Mission Chinese, and unfortunately it got shut down before our reservation.  Mission Cantina unfortunately does not serve their burritos in house except for lunch.  Allegedly they only though it was a good idea to have them for take-out, which I think is super weird.  But anyway, the tacos and other food we had was good but not mind-blowing.  I can definitely think of other tacos I've had that really WOW-ed me, and as I write this review a few days later I can't even really remember these ones that well.  It's too bad because I really still want to try their burritos, but having gone there and not been that impressed I don't know if it's worth the trip.

(L) Como La Flor (R) Spooky Mulder - cucumber, dill, serrano, soju
Como La Flor - cantaloupe, grapefruit, basil, lambrusco, soju
Chicken Wings - mole spices, chili vinger, sesame, crema - Super tasty but very messy and filling.  Not a good idea on a date haha
Some masa dish with collared greens mixed in and sprinkled with oaxaca cheese

2 Lamb Mixiotes tacos in back, 1 Carnitas (Fried pork bits and pork crackling) in front
1 Carnitas in back, 2 Lengua (tongue) in front

Close-up of Lengua taco - tender beef and I loved the crunchy peanuts

Close-up of Lamb tacos - super tender and well marinated.  Loved the beans on top too

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