Monday, May 26, 2014

Dinner at Inti in NYC

I had a Living Social deal for Inti that was almost about to expire, but fortunately Dan and I made it there for dinner a few days shy of expiration.  I had twice tried to make a reservation - the first time there was poor communication because the guy I spoke with clearly didn't speak English.  The second time I was able to do it without a problem, but there was no need as of the 20 or so tables, only 2 were filled with other people.   All of the food was super delicious.  I used to go to a different Peruvian restaurant in DC also called Inti, and they probably are not related at all but both were excellent.  We should definitely go to more local Peruvian places since there are a bunch in Kearny/Harrison, but this is definitely a great option in the city.

Inca Kola (L) and Chicha Morada - a traditional Peruvian purple corn drink.  The drinks were legit the only thing I didn't like about the meal.  The Kola tasted like bubblegum, and the Chicha Morada tasted a lot like carrot cake.  Not exactly what you'd expect or probably want with your dinner.  But glad we tried it.

Complimentary Cancha - toasted chulpe corn.  Like a Peruvian corn nut.  So addictive.

Ceviche Mixto - Fresh fish chunks, shrimp, octopus, calamari marinated on lime juice mixed with red onions, cilantro and ricoto hot pepper served with sweet potatoes and baby corn.  Great mix of citrus and spice.  Fresh seafood as well.

Half a roasted chicken.  Perfect.

Arroz Chaufa - Peruvian style Chinese fried rice mixed with beef, eggs, onions and soy sauce.  Excellent as well.  Not too oily or salty and had great beef flavor.

My plate of yummy goodness

Close up of the chicken.  The lighting from the window kind of gives some of these pics a purple tint.

Tres Leche - good but not the best I've had.  Also a giant portion which Dan could not partake in.  So I felt slightly sick after ha

The Flan was amazing.  And Dan is a flan connoisseur and agrees.

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